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Vodafone beats Airtel, Aircel and BSNL in 3G Benchmarking – Chennai

Marketing teams of Operators claim different exceptional Data speeds and advertise the technology in a way far beyond the practical usage scenarios. Considering the Data growth/statistical figures and Data hunger smartphones, we at Telecom Talk have taken an initiative to check the Quality of 3G Data services provided by operators in real usage scenarios and we name it instant 3G check where speed tests are performed on smartphone with no background data/Sync active and at a location instantly. We have taken into account the situation of a normal user who access Data without any technical knowledge and all they know is they are using 3G Service provided by their respective operator.
Below is the table which gives details of  respective operator’s speeds and other details:
3G Speed Test Chennai: These Test Were performed at 1:00am
If everything goes fine every time with service  i don’t think CC are required. Just wanted to explain some troublesome situations with 3G Networks we faced while performing this quick check. Signal reception is very fluctuating between H+/H/E and couldn’t even fix to one single cell ID for at least 5 minutes there by the current android phones and the smartphones phones which don’t have 3G Only option in Network settings will have a worst 3G experience where the device will be trying to switch between alternate strong signals and eventually land to E if it’s the strong available signal, there by giving a pathetic customer 3G experience.
Scenario 1: We faced the same condition with Aircel and while testing the speeds the device latched to E and it was very troublesome for us to perform the check. So, we took another device which have 3G only option got it latched to 3G and performed the check and concluded at results.  We have earlier faced this kind of situation with BSNL as well which is now seems to be fixed. So, customer pays for 3G and gets this patchy Network experience.
Scenario 2: While testing we also came across a situation with Airtel Network where the Device is latched to H and with full signal strength. It worked flawlessly for sometime and all of a sudden [You can notice from the 3rd trail result in table] the Down-link and Up-link stopped and I’m not even able to open Google on my phone. If this situation continues for longer times and the validity of the 3G Pack expires without utilizing my data balance, just wanted to know if operators are ready to accept this and refund my remaining data balance? So, customer is a victim in the end if not the case.
If more than a single CellID is mentioned in table, this means that device is latched to those sites while testing in progress.
Having very large customer experience centers, wondering if these type of situations are really monitored on big screens and acted upon quickly in case of issues?
Dear Readers, we thrive to perform these kind of Customer centric tests as often as possible by traveling across various circles. We just started with our DATA Centric Qos tests. If you want to share results with proofs in your circle you can mail me on Srikapardhi[at]telecomtalk[dot]info. Do let us know how are you enjoying the Quality of 3G Services via comments. We may be covering such kinds of tests repeatedly in different/same circles at different locations.
Note: Time of the tests/Network issues/exact Geo Location is out of the scope of our tests. Tests are performed in Locations of availability of 3G Network. Devices taken for testing have the speed/technology as tabulated. Maintenance of a cell site/performance/defective cells are also out of the scope of this article. The only scope we consider is the final quality of service a end user experiences.

Be Ready to Shell Down for using Whatsapp and other IM Applications, a bad move?

Instant messaging applications have become an instant hit across the age groups. The Whatsapp- Facebook deal added a new dimension to the Instant messaging application. This made all the developers to focus on IM platform and in turn gave rise to slew of Instant messaging applications and what ensued was a mad gold rush.
The reason why Whatsapp and other leading IM applications are well accepted is because they provided folks with an option to chat with their friends seamlessly, exchange photos, music and also create personalized groups similar to the Yahoo chatrooms.
The best part is that users just have to pay for the Data pack. Whatsapp is elementary in breeding the Mobile Internet ecosystem. Consumers started to invest in Smartphones just because of Whatsapp. It won’t be wrong if we say that it is just because of these IM applications that the Mobile Internet bloomed. Another prize winning feature is the ability of staying connected with your kins in other countries at no extra costs. The darker side is that these IM dug the grave for traditional SMS and caused the telecom operators lots of harm in terms of revenue.
TRAI has decided to meet and decide about the regulation to make companies like the Whatsapp and Viber to pay connectivity charges to telecom companies. Needless to say this revenue will also bring some revenue to the government coffers. Even Gopal Vittal head of Bharti Airtel’s Indian operations’ hinted that Over-the-Top players like WhatsApp, Skype, LINE, WeChat etc should be regulated and should be under some jurisdiction sometime back .
Indian operators are already providing dedicated whatsapp plans like Airtel is offering Whatsapp plan at Rs 38 and BSNL also recently stated offering Whatsapp related plans.
This step comes in wake of the leading Instant messaging applications offering free calls over VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). Consumers are paying just for the Internet packages and not for the calls and messages.
We feel that this will be a extreme step by the Government and the Telcos will definitely lose revenue on the Mobile Internet packages. It won’t be surprising if the Telcos charge consumers on per Email basis. Something similar seems to be baking on Indonesian turfs as well. Please tell us how you feel if you have to shell down extra for using Whatsapp are you ready to pay?

Email App Acompli Arrives On Android, Adds A “Focused” Inbox That Displays Your Most Important Mail First

One of the better mobile email applications to emerge in recent months is Acompli, an app designed more so for business and professional users looking for a simple, but powerful tool to manage their email, calendar, and shared files while on the go. Today, the company is bringing its app to Android users, while also launching a new feature called “Focused Inbox,” which is similar to Gmail’s “Priority Inbox” functionality, in that it curates your mail in order to show you what’s most important first.
With the upgrade out now on the iOS version, and the debut of Android, Focused Inbox will be turned on by default.
Explains Acompli CEO Javier Soltero, the goal with the new feature was to create an inbox experience that “immediately starts delivering value” and “doesn’t rely on an excessive triage mechanism,” which is a non-too-veiled reference to the popular mobile email app Mailbox, now owned by Dropbox. Where Mailbox has been built primarily to help people work through their massive inboxes, Acompli instead wants to just put the email you need to see first right in front of you.
Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 3.24.21 PMA comprehensive review of how well Acompli’s Focused Inbox works isn’t really possible at this time because email curation and prioritization like this takes more than a few days of training before you can really tell how smart a company’s algorithms can become.
However, it seemed to at least not be showing any obvious mistakes when I first tried it.
Unlike Gmail’s Priority Inbox (an alternative setting for those who don’t care for the tabbed interface), which takes into account user actions, like whether you read an email, Acompli tries to determine whether or not you’re actually responding the person in question.
If you do, those emails have more weight than others, allowing it to do more than just remove the obvious pseudo-spam, like email newsletters or social updates, from the Focused view.
Your full inbox is still available, of course – you just pulled down on the main screen and tap the button labeled “Other” to see the rest of your email. And if you don’t care for the new experience, you can disable it in your settings.
Acompli_FocusedInbox_iPhoneBut when it’s enabled, by default, you’ll only receive push notifications for your “Focused” messages, and the app’s icon will only display a red badge for the unread items in this part of your inbox. More importantly, perhaps, to email purists, is that none of what Acompli’s doing to re-arrange your email will be reflected in your main email client itself – it’s just giving you a more actionable mobile view.
The addition is one of many new features Acompli has added in recent weeks, having also rolled out integrations with cloud services like Dropbox, iCloud, and OneDrive, in addition to its support of email services like Gmail, Yahoo, and Exchange.
Though the company declines to say how many users are now on Acompli, early data shows it’s a very “burst-y” app used for short periods of time, we’re told. The average user session is just 22 seconds, but retention is high, ranging from 43% to 44%, on average. The app is also used 11 times more frequently than the average productivity app, even though users are spending but a few seconds in it – likely looking for a specific email or file, or writing a quick message or response.
Focused Inbox fits in well with that established pattern of being an app where users just want to get in then get back out quickly.


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