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How to setup Darkcomet-rat v4.2 fwb Final 

Welcome to another fantastic noob friendly tutorial


this is not a leeched tutorial. Not like some here Depressed

Category:Remote Administration

Virus Type:Virus Type:Backdoor.Trojan

- Port Forwarding
- No-IP
- A Brain
Part 1

Click on the "Download" tab located on the navigation.
[Image: J6YBp.png]

The page should look like. The page url is[/php]
[Image: 2dMll.png]

You then now have to download the rat. Click on "Download".
[Image: 3MeW5.png]

Now click on all the boxes until there is a check mark on all of them.
Once you have done that the Direct Download button will appear.
Click on it and the RAT should start downloading automatically.
[Image: GrSIe.png]

Open up DarkComet and extract all of the folders to the Desktop.
It might look different for you since I'm running Linux OS.
[Image: 3TtYL.png]

Part 2

Opening The Rat
Double click on DarkComet
(You might see the Wine glass on your PC since I'm running Linux OS)

Now you have the option to read the Terms of Condition which I do but
you have the option not to.Check mark the box for "Don't display this message on next start up" then click "I Accept" when it lets you.

[Image: bn66V.png]

Part 3

Getting & Setting Up No-IP

Now we will need to make a No-ip account.
Go here to sign up for a free 
Make sure you save all the information in a notepad.
We will be using this so we won't be tracked. :)
[Image: Ailzr.jpg]

Make sure you activate your account.When you login you will see this.
Click on "Add a Host".
[Image: dQ3ci.png]

Now once you have clicked "Add a Host" you will see this page.
Add a name and make it, Then click create host. Do not remove your IP.

[Image: NY9mw.png]

Now click on the No-IP logo and then click on the "Download" tab.
or click go here:[/php]
Should look like this:
[Image: qhNba.png]

Download the Windows version.
Install the program then run it, sign in and then click select hosts.
[Image: RCm73.png]

Should look like this a bit like this but with your host listed.Check mark
the box with the host you just made.
[Image: vGiCl.png]

Part 4

Now let's switch back to DarkComet. Click on the Plus (+) mine doesn't show but it might for you.
[Image: 0SRSg.png]

In "Listen port:" type in "1604". Then click "Listen".
[Image: AhcWT.png]

Now click on "Sockets/Net".There should be a green check mark.
[Image: E6lEN.png]

Click on "Edit Server".
[Image: FxfSd.png]

This is what shows up when you click "Edit Server".
Now on the right side of "Process Mutex :" you will see a button that
says "Generate" on the right , Click it five times.
Where it says "Server ID" you can type what ever it the box.I put
"victim".Now in "Profile Name :" you may type in your name or default.
Uncheck "Activate FWB (Firewall bypass)".
Make sure everything you have done looks a bit like mine.
[Image: lKQKX.png]

Next, move onto the Network settings.For the "IP/DNS :" type the No-IP Host you made at , in "Port :" type in "1604".
Then click on "Add this configuration".
[Image: yPDiS.png]

The Next tabs are up to personal use, I just leave them alone.
Now click on the "Build Module" tab.
The "Output extension :" should be ".exe"
The "Compress executive (Pack)" should be "Disabled".
Then check mark the box for "Save profile settings after build".
Then now click on "Build" on the right side with a Lego image.
save it to your DarkComet folder and name the file "server"
[Image: PHCiw.png]

Congratulations! You have successfully Built your working RAT server!

You will now need to crypt your server so when you spread it will be undetectable.

This is how it will look like if you don't crypt your server, It's a night mare.

Virus scan Result ^^
[Image: 7pbEQ.png]

Thankx .........!!!!


  1. Nice tutorial, i get this, but i have some (stupid) questions.
    1 If someone opens the rat-file you sent them, wat will they see? Will they know that something has installed itself on their computer?
    2 How do you crypt the file, if that is so important?
    3 if the file is on spmeones computer, how do you actually get in the computer? Is there a program you nee to use to see the files on that computer?
    (yes i am completely new to this)