Wednesday, January 11, 2012

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Asus Eee Pad MeMo packs quad-core and ICS for just $249

If 2012 really is shaping up to be the year of the tablet, that means we’re going to see tablets that aren’t just more powerful than ever before. We’re also going to see prices continue to slide. At CES, Asus has revealed that you can even do both with a single product: the Eee Pad MeMo is going to launch with a quad-core chip and a crazy-low price of just $249.
Asus dropped in at the Nvidia presser to share the good news, and it’s especially good news for those of you who have been waiting excitedly for the MeMo since it was originally unveiled back at CES in 2011. It was starting to look like the MeMo might never see the light of day, but at long last, it’s coming.
While Asus didn’t get specific about the Tegra 3 processor’s clock speed, that price tag should be more than enough to keep everyone interested until the MeMo starts shipping. At $249, the Eee Pad MeMo is one of the least expensive tablets around that ships with Ice Cream Sandwich. It’s also got a stylus for handwritten notes and sketching. Based on Samsung’s shipping numbers for the Galaxy Note (more than 1 million), that’s a feature lots of people a very interested in when it comes to tablets. The MeMo could be a very hot seller, then, if its 7-inch form factor strikes a chord. It’s roughly the same size as a BlackBerry PlayBook, which still fits neatly into plenty of coat pockets.
One more thing Asus revealed is that the MeMo’s rear-facing camera has been upgraded to an 8MP sensor, but the MeMic companion device was nowhere to be found. For $249, I don’t think it will be missed by MeMo buyers.
You might even want to take a flyer on the MeMo if you were considering a Kindle Fire. It’s the same size, and you’ll get full access to the official Android Market. The Amazon AppStore has loads of great apps, but nowhere near as many as the genuine article.
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